Osteoporosis Australia announces new alignment with ONERO

Osteoporosis Australia has aligned with a national exercise training program for exercise professionals (physiotherapists and exercise physiologists).

ONERO is an evidence-based exercise program targeting people with osteoporosis and osteopenia.
Exercise professionals who complete ONERO Academy Training will be certified to deliver ONERO to the public.
The ONERO program is accredited by Exercise and Sport Science Australia (ESSA).

The program was developed by Professor Belinda Beck (Griffith University) and Lisa Weis (The Bone Clinic).
Professor Beck says “in the past we have received a lot of interest from exercise professionals wanting to help people with poor bone health. The ONERO Academy educates these exercise professionals in how to deliver bone-targeted exercises to the public.”

Professor Beck added “when it comes to our bones the research tells us not all exercise is equal. In fact exercise that is targeted, supervised and focuses on resistance and impact training is best.” 
Osteoporosis Australia CEO Greg Lyubomirsky says “this type of training can help people with osteoporosis and osteopenia. We know exercise is important for maintaining bone health and latest research is now showing there is a better way to exercise.”

Consumers will soon be able to search for an ‘ONERO Accredited Practitioner’ on the Osteoporosis Australia website. Stay tuned for further information.

For Exercise Professionals refer to information on the ONERO Academy LINK