Why it’s good to stay dense

Why it's good to stay dense

Staying dense means your bones are in good condition to support your day-to-day life. You need good bone health to stay active.

When bone density is low you need to take action to keep your bones as strong as possible so you stay fracture free.

When bone density is very low (diagnosed osteoporosis) your bones can become fragile and your risk of having a bone fracture is much higher. Your doctor will need to work with you to manage your bone health.

What does dense look like?

The recommended way to check your bones is with a bone density scan. If you are over 50 and have risk factors for low bone density you should talk to your doctor.  You may need a bone density scan.

To check common risk factors take the How dense are you? test

Tell me about a bone density scan.

Facts to know

  •     1.2 million people have osteoporosis

  •     6.3 million people have low bone density (known as osteopenia)

  •     Calcium, vitamin D and exercise are important for keeping bones strong and preventing osteoporosis

  •     Less than half of Australian adults eat enough calcium, and a third don’t get enough vitamin D.

For more information about your bone health see our fact sheets –

Calcium, Vitamin D, Exercise

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Author: Osteoporosis Australia Medical & Scientific Advisory Committee
Last updated: 07/06/2017 - 15:03